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Bezoek aan de Democratische Republiek Congo

Nieuws uit Belgiƫ

gepubliceerd: zondag, 18 oktober 2015
Democratische Republiek Congo
Democratische Republiek Congo

Pia Makengo, President van de Senatus van Brussel, en Henri Kaite van dezelfde Senatus hebben een bezoek gebracht aan enkele Legioensraden in de Democratische Republiek Congo van 29 september t/m 18 oktober 2015.

The main purpose of their visit was to represent Concilium at the ceremony by which the Regia of Kisangani in the Orientale Province was raised to the status of Senatus as had been requested by the former Archbishop, now Cardinal Archbishop of Kinshasa, and by the present Archbishop of Kisangani, Mgr. Utembi Tapa. Recommended by its superior Council therefore, the Senatus of Kinshasa, this step had been approved by Concilium.

Next day, Pia Makengo and Henri Kaite flew to Kisangani with the representatives of Kinshasa Senatus. Here they got a great reception, and had formation meetings during the following days with the Regia Officers. In these sessions they were helped by the presence of officers of other Senatus, namely, Butembo and Bukavu. They had an audience with the Archbishop, who thanked all concerned. On Saturday 10th October, following a 3-hour procession to the Cathedral, at a High Mass presided by the Archbishop, and honoured by the presence of the civil and military dignitaries of the province, the officers of the Regia renewed their pledges of loyal service of the Legion, led by Abbe Gabriel Songe, their Spiritual Director, and the Concilium’s message raising the Regia to Senatus level was read. The Archbishop’s sermon was carried on loudspeakers to the huge crowd outside.

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